May 15th, 2003

Sea dragon

You popped the stress bag?

I'm at shadowdaddy's office using the computer now. I'm getting ready to enter radio silence for the next 11 days, since job or no job we're still going out of town on Saturday and I will not be bringing or accessing a computer while I'm gone. Frankly, I know no one gives a rat's ass if I read their LJ posts (or email for that matter), and it's not like there will be anything pressing that I won't see on the cover of the newspaper. Seattle nuked? Geez, just see that the dogs don't get eaten, okay? Or at least just not the black one.

Yesterday I think most of the afternoon I was in shock. I got my hair done as planned (when my stylist called me at work I said my afternoon had become much more open than I expected, and would she like me to come in early), then went to the Comet for the not-working-man's Happy Hour ($2 pints of Spire Apple Cider, $1.75 Labatts, not that I'd touch that shit with a ten foot pole). Over a game of Hunters and Gatherers I slowly became morose, realizing that for all that I only had that job for six weeks that I actually liked it and didn't want to give it up. We went to Mesob for mahjong afterwards, and I began to feel like I was just going to spontaneously burst into tears, and although I don't have a problem with displaying my emotions I have decided that I prefer to keep the ones that freak people out private, so shortly after Cathi, Jessica, Nina, and Mike showed up we split to the home front and argued about whether or not to keep the white dog.

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