June 2nd, 2003

Sea dragon

Hooked on Zatarains

The weekend was great. We saw Ondine at Open Circle as planned Saturday and I loved it: they do wonderful work with fairy-tale-like stories, always getting to the heart of truth at the center of the story. (And there were sexy naked chicks in the play!) The next day was yet another Smuterati show, if you're a Smuterata and you like Hong Kong Action Flicks, that is. Yes, we saw Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan, and it was everything we hoped for, awesome fights AND girl-on-girl love AND naked chicks AND a stupendous chick fight at the end. Damn, there's something about women fighting with traditional pretty-girl Chinese dresses on that just REVS ME UP! It was a full-on A+ B movie, fascinating from start to finish and a total hoot.

For Monday I've gone back to unemployed drudge (from Mistress of the Performing Arts), and the highlights of my day are now 1) visit from roof salesman 2) trip to Pilates studio (youch, I'm out of shape) 3) successful use of Udon noodles in a lunch-like activity 4) bath 5) nap and 6) trip to tile store to get more grout. Now I'm at Worthy Opponent's office, um, sending out job application emails and getting ready for the big community crime meeting. With any luck, I'll get dial up reestablished at home tonight (now that the computer is back, still without DSL) and I'll be able to share these exciting details with the larger community on a much more regular basis.
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