June 4th, 2003

Sea dragon

She Lives! plus - Birthday party invite


What was the secret? Interpreting "The disks are lost" as "An ineffective search for the disks have been peformed. Since you never throw anything away, they must still be in the house somewhere. Would you look for them?"

Voila, I found the disk, the driver was reinstalled (it really can't be found online, what a cruel joke) and I have gone from "Gosh, Violet, I hear some day people may get around using a horseless buggy!" (aka travelling at the speed of copper) to The Joy That Is Getting My Money's Worth Out Of A Product Which May Be Imperfect And Yet Is Paid For Anyway.

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Perfectly marvelous day - manga, mahjong, gored gored

Although most of the day was wasted (pleasantly, mind you) doing things like weeding and washing the dishes, today really kicked into Summer Slacker mode when I finally left the house at 4:30. My goals: bank, dog food, SIFF tickets. The bank required a visit to Kidd Valley for a vanilla malt (to accompany me on the rest of my stops); Mud Bay Granary turned into a trip to Confounded Books (to look for some Manga help - I became obsessed over the puffy pink book from Junko Mizuno, and NOT Chiho Aoshima, an artist I remembered from Superflat) and Bauhaus (for a hot-off-the-presses Stranger); the walk to Seattle Central to buy tickets to 36th Chamber of Shaolin (Monday at the Harvard Exit, don't miss it!) was extended greatly by a visit to Twice Sold Tales (where I traded in books and found all sorts of cheap used manga). After I left the ticket office, I decided to give in to the incredible weather and just sit outside and read for a while. There was only an hour until I was supposed to meed Worthy Opponent and Stephanie for beer at the Comet ... why not stretch it out a bit? I added in some pinball toward the end of my hour just to break it up a little.

After drinks, we all headed over to Mesob, where I finally got to introduce Steph to Rebecca (they share snow sports and salsa dancing interests) as well as Gored Gored, the tender, very spicy dish Mesob makes so well. We got in three games of Mah Jong and ate well ... it was a great evening! The dogs didn't seem to care that it was six hours after their normal walk time when I finally got home ... and it was still 73 degrees outside so I didn't care either. Tomorrow: first trip to Denny Blaine!