June 5th, 2003

Sea dragon

Denny Blaine Haiku

Floating disappointment
Fence, signs, tape
"Waterfront Construction."

Is this going to be there all summer? It's a good think I took a dunk at Marymoor or I wouldn't have got wet today at all.
Sea dragon

Shy dykes - Pat Graney benefit this Saturday!

OK my shy dyke pals, you're wondering why you can't meet chicks as cool as your friends are. Why not go to this event at Chop Suey this Saturday? It's early, it benefits the arts, and it should be full of the cool ladies that you're always wondering about (like "Where are they, since they're so obviously not at the Wild Rose?").

I had a great time at Art Walk tonight. All I need to do know is get my story written up for Tablet so I can get my butt to Sorry Charlies for my last trip ever!