June 8th, 2003

Sea dragon

Back from the beach

I got home to a nice little note from unemployment that makes me think the Cow of Cash will start giving milk again. A further indication of this trend was Worthy Opponent being offered $500 by State Farm to not file an accident claim and the immediate arrival of the check the next day. You just WATCH me get offered a Dream Job, which as you should know is being a lounge singer at a no-smoking bar.

Long Beach was a ton of fun, especially because my brother, his girlfriend, and Rachel and Troy came, too (and WE had weather in the 70s both days, thank goodness!). We got in a round of Puerto Rico with the first two in the early evening and a round of six-person Catan in the late evening (A.T., after tacos). Through some miracle I won both games, although if we hadn't used up all of the victory points I would have been beaten at Puerto Rico (it's OK for this to happen, it's one of the alternate mechanisms by which the end of the game is determined).

We did other fun stuff, too ... we played pinball for an hour in town (they've added a Twilight Zone game to their 25¢ section), bought some more Jo Clayton books at Sandpiper Books (how did I ever make it out the door with only ONE BOOK?), and, of course, bought fudge. Today our big expedition was going to the South Jetty over near Warrenton, Oregon, where we walked along the beach for about a mile, just soaking in the orgone. Even the ride back home wasn't so bad. I did a little practice Manga drawing and read and napped. And when we got home, the house looked good AND there were no new dead fish (only dead strawberry plants). I would say a VERY good weekend!