June 10th, 2003

Sea dragon

Imitation of 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Our trip to the Seattle Film Festival last night to see 36th Chamber of Shaolin was good (mostly). The movie seemed like a classic of the genre, and was very serious (to the level that made me think I wouldn't have appreciated it five years ago). The "chambers" were all pretty good, too, and constituted the plot more than the revenge-taking that motivated joining the temple. Afterwards we saw Kathleen Bennet outside the movie, and I thought she seemed distinctly cool toward me. But the real "mostly" is the spectacular cartwheel fall I took as I was running down Broadway with my freshly purchased dinner in my purse on my way to the theater. Although I didn't scrape myself at all, my fingers are painfully stiff this morning and probably need to be iced. I feel like I'm 70. Ow!

Today is filling up quickly. Phone interview at 11, lunch with Irene at 12:30, trip to the bank, take car in for repair estimate, argue with insurance agents. That will probably be everything I have time for prior to the "selling of the movie tickets" and trip to see Drunk Puppets.

I dreamed I was going through a "secret chamber" at Grandma's farm last night and someone told me I was avoiding my father. I told them I was just afraid of spiders. Does this mean something?