June 11th, 2003

Sea dragon

Numerous timing failures in evening

Yesterday afternoon was great. The phone screen went pretty well, whether or not I really want to work at the IM group in the Borg. Lunch with Irene was wonderful, even with the wait: the Boat Street Cafe is every bit as delightful as promised - too bad I had to find out right before they closed. Afterwards I got the quote on fixing the car, then went home and successfully squeezed some more money out of the insurance folks (for "massage treatments for my neck" ... not that I might not go do that anyway).

Then in the afternoon, I misjudged the timing for selling the movie tickets, leaving me stuck with one, then discovered upon our arrival in Belltown that the puppet show was at 9, not 8. So not only could I have got to the theater in time to sell my tickets, we could have come back home and had dinner, too - a $20 mistake. We killed time playing pinball at Shorty's (Worthy O appeared to have had his mojo removed by the Twilight Zone machine in Long Beach) until it was time to head over to the Rendezvous.

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I'm getting bored of listening to myself type. I'm going to get some resumes off today, one to PMSI and one to Expedia. We'll see what happens. Tonight is water aerobics and mahjong: this afternoon I'm planning on cleaning the basement (ick). Ah, la vida sin empleo ...
Sea dragon

Unemployment, day X

What a pathetically wasted day. I didn't even start cleaning one thing in the basement. What's sadder is I can't even say it's been well wasted. I didn't a) have lunch with a friend b) go to Pilates c) hang out on the beach d) read e) etc. I did start reading Shadowspeer (another Jo Clayton book I picked up in Long Beach) while I was eating Tonn Thai in the backyard, and I read an article on Chicago that I thought was great, but that was probably only 45 minutes out of the day. I just piddled away my time. During my two hours (in the morning!) on the computer, I did get two resumes sent out, and I did wash the dishes and plant another round of gladiolas (which took about 15 minutes). This is not taking advantage of my free time: it's wasting my life.