June 15th, 2003

Sea dragon

Nothing like tiling on a sunny day

It's gorgeous outside, and I've been spending the afternoon breaking in the new hedge clippers while Worthy Opponent works on grouting the tile. It looks like today may be the day he finally finishes the job: all that will be left after this step is done is a week of drying and then applying the waterproofing. I may be taking a shower inside TILE as opposed to HEFTY BAGS by the time July comes. Hurray! On the other hand fighting the laurel bushes looks like it will never truly be won. My goal is just to cut them back far enough to get some sun (and rain) right in front of them so I can plant some dahlias there. That side of the yard gets lots of sun so they would grow well there, much better than where I've been planting them before.

Last night we wound up doing NOTHING. We decided against seeing a movie, since Worthy Opponent was really rocking out on the tile, and when we got to Consolidated Works they'd canned the show for the evening in favor of some special event. Bah! So there we were at 10 PM with nothing to do, all the movies had already started, and there was even still some light in the sky! We wound up playing pinball at Playland for about an hour, then came home and played Hunters and Gatherers twice.