June 17th, 2003

Sea dragon

Wasted days and wasted nights

Another night of insomnia. This has never been a problem for me before, but last night was special because I figured out our car had been broken into the night before and I was worried that they would come back and take it. There wasn't really anything in the car to steal (not that they couldn't have stripped it), but they did take the car manual with the registration and I'm wondering if this would help them if they decided to steal it. So every little noise on the street had me up last night, regularly, at least once an hour and sometimes twice. Finally my neighbor Maurice got into some kind of shouting match with someone on the street at 3 AM and that just was too much. It had me up and out of bed for half an hour. Then I figured if they were on the streets that no kids were going to come by and joyride my car, so we put the fan in the window (for noise and cool) and I finally got some good ZZZs. Of course, since someone was supposed to come by at 9:30 I slept lightly after 7, figuring they'd be by and I didn't want to oversleep ... but a little after 8 they called to say they'd had a fire in their apartment complex and had JUST got back in and weren't in any shape to stop by. It was a big relief, really.

I'm frustrated about the car being broken into. Apparently car prowls are up 30% in our neighborhood this year. Great! It makes me wonder if I should move. The neighborhood feels like it's going downhill, and I am not comfortable living in a place like this neighborhood is now. I'm just too much of a suburban dweller to put up with this shit.
Sea dragon

Yay spontenaiety!

After spending yesterday regretting not doing the one spontaneous thing I came up with (Pilates), I decided to go for it today and rode my bike to the Boat Street Cafe to meet Worthy Opponent for lunch (the bike ride being the spontaneous thing). It was great there, but on the way back I got a little overheated and wound up sticking my head in a fountain. Then Maya and I went to Seward Park with the dogs. What fun! Now I'm going to the Comet. Yay summer!