June 18th, 2003

Sea dragon

L'Auberge Espanol after Big Bike Ride

Our evening wrapped up with Comet (for happy hour), Hot Mama's (for slices), and a trip to the Metro to see L'Auberge Espagnole. It was fun and light, pretty much as I expected, and had lots of great shots of Barcelona, which made me really want to go to Spain again. (Geez, plot: French college guy goes to Barcelona to do the studies that will help him land a good job at some French ministry when he graduates, and winds up studying a lot more about life than about economics.) There was a very strong lesbian character and some weird moral questions being dealt with not very seriously. If anyone sees it, can they tell me what exactly happened with him and his girlfriend? Finally, the ending was really ... weak. It really felt like they didn't know how to wrap up things so they chose the easy out, the one I saw coming at the very beginning of the film. Oh well, maybe I'll balance it out with Sweet Sixteen just so I get my full spectrum dose of movies this week.

Back home, the bike ride and the fan put me out good and hard ... until 5:30, when I just couldn't get back to sleep for an hour or so. It was so depressing to look at the clock in the kitchen and realize that neither hand had moved to the left of the 6 yet. I finally fell asleep on the couch, then wound up sleeping until 10:45 and deciding to wait for the 12:30 pilates class, which is where I'm going now. I'm having people over for Catan tonight, and it will be fun!
Sea dragon

Library, Pike Place Market, Maya

After my crappy Monday I'm glad this week is turning out better than it started. I made it to Pilates (advanced, creamed me), then to miss_villanelle, then with her to lovely downtown Seattle. We had a wonderful afternoon: browsing the Wednesday organic farmer's market, buying tea (still no Makaibiri second flush but they promised to call when it came in), eating gelato. We hit the library on the way back so I could get some sheet music for tomorrow night at Sorry Charlies, and then I stopped back at her lovely lower Capitol Hill apartment to pick through her discarded clothes and see if there were any treasures for me.

Then the day took a turn to the left, although it was still going in a good direction: I had three people coming over for dinner and Catan. Dinner (enchiladas) was late, but everybody enjoyed it and 2 of the 3 people were also late so it wasn't a big deal. Then we all played Catan until about 10:30. We played very competetively and the game seemed very evenly divided. My sister in law to be won, and we were all, I think, happy about it as none of us were creamed and it was damn competetive up until the last roll of the dice.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to have lunch at Paseos. I hope I sleep better tonight.

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