June 20th, 2003


Cruel, cruel disease

It was not really a good night to have insomnia. At least I got to dream about Elric of Melnibone. And I dreamed about NOT going to the interview because I'm so tired.

Sorry Charlie's was fun. "Mama" from Chicago was a big hit. I can't wait to do it again on Sunday. (Of course what I heard was that half of the bridal shower group was singing along to "Mein Herr," so maybe I misjudged the popularity of the other song.)
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Sea dragon

"A Chicago dog, and drag it through the garden!"

I'm home, and I kind of thought that I would have heard from Q*** this afternoon, but no such luck. They came off really desperate in the interview, so I thought they'd snap me up right away. I seemed to hit it off with most everyone, provided that they aren't all big pokerfaces. Their payscale was a little low, about $5/10 K off of what I was expecting. We'll see. They say they have realy low turnover - a little hard to believe given the payscale. I'm hoping it's because they really don't overwork their employees (like they said) and that the work is pretty close to full time in general.

Going home after the interview took me to Koraku, DMV (for that license renewal thing, only took 15 minutes), Gelatiamo, and Ticket/Ticket (for half-priced tickets to the Scot Auguston puppet show at 10 tonight). When I got home I discovered I had a birthday card from my dad in the mail. He said he's been thinking of me. It's nice to know that at least once a year I bubble up in his head, somewhere far below trivia night at the bar and The Search for Cigarettes. (It's funny, I'd never hope to be as important to him as cigarettes, but I could hope to at least outrank trivia night.) He's supposed to be coming out here and I'm not really looking forward to it.

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