June 24th, 2003

Sea dragon

Day one mid-day update

Wow, I'm in an office with no AC. Sure will keep me hoping for a cool summer!

Melanie and Rachel walked over here to have lunch with me and new co-worker Deb at the Essential Baking Company. I got a turkey sandwich that came with mustard and pickles on rye bread. What a comedy! And of course Melanie knew Deb, and my new boss, and the woman that works here that was going to lunch as we returned.

I actually was pretending to be a confident regular employee within about half an hour of my arrival, when I greeted a software developer who was dropping off the product Deb and I were going to be testing and got to tell him, "Sure, looks great! We'll get right to work." And we did, and I seem to basically know what to do. But I do have work to do, so I'm off until tonight, when I'm going to see the Brown Derby version of the Exorcist at the Rebar. Join me, will you? I think we're going to have a drag queen starring in the Linda Blair role ...
Sea dragon

The Brown Derby Exorcist

I was going to provide a brilliant recap of my first day at my new job but instead I want to write about The Exorcist as performed by Bald Faced Lie, which I saw tonight at the Rebar. It was of course quite funny, although there were some pop-culture references that I didn't get (sadly I've never actually seen a Milli Vanilli video and I don't keep up with Pink Floyd). But I did enjoy references to Kiss and Motley Crue, and of course I loved watching Nick Garrison.

But the think I liked most was the interesting thoughts about sex and sexuality that the show fostered in my sangria-soaked consciousness (yes, I did bring my own, leftovers from my party). First, I was thinking how funny it was that the audience was supposed to cringe in horror at 1) the "desecration" of the "Virgin" Mary (she was made up as a whore, with a big erect penis, part of the original movie, I'm sure) and 2) the sexuality of the "men of God," that is, the priests (mostly added in as part of the comedy of the evening).

What I thought was Collapse )

Of course, what we get is "erect penises equal murdering babies for Satan" and "let's make women wear veils because men can't control their sexual impulses if they see their hair." What crap! Maybe I'm more of a pagan than I ever thought.

Oh yeah, the first day of work went pretty well, although I wound up staying until 6:30 working on my "end of day report." But still, I barely worked over 8 hours given my very long lunch. On to tomorrow!