June 25th, 2003

Sea dragon

First summer love affair ended!

I had a little moment today that was like the beginning of Grease ... my short-lived affair with the Boat Street Cafe ended as we tearfully parted on the beach before going back to Ridgedale High. Melanie, Rachel, and shadowdaddy joined me. Alas, my lunch was good but not thrilling, since too many people think that a mushroom constitutes a vegetable (it's a fungus, people) and I got the vegetable pie. At least we didn't have to wait an hour to eat like they thought we might when we walked in, but I was still gone for an hour and a half. But I did still enjoy my food and the fine company of my friends, especially Melanie, who went on some kind of bizarre dot-com name creation binge ("Mimi is my bitch dot com. How's that?" - Mimi being Rachel's dog) at the end of the meal.

I have to write an early "end of day" report, so I'm signing off for now.

Feedback from the boss of my new company

This is just too good, I want the world to hear it (and I want to keep it because I can't be brilliant forever). A review of my second "end of day" report from the owner of Q***:

It's such a luxury that you can step in and take this project on, with no real chance for organized training or orientation, and still do such a great job.

Yep, quality in the midst of chaos, that's my signature! That's why I'm the Web Cowgirl!