June 26th, 2003

Sea dragon

And just before pride!

The best news in a year - in the United States, the government does not have the power to regulate what you do in your own bedroom. (NY Times was really busy, you can also find the story on Yahoo.) I am so excited! (And this is hot news, only about 10 minutes old right now.

We had a grand old night at Cathy's - swimming in her pool (on the lake, with the view of Rainier), barbequeing, then playing Catan. Alas we got a really late start and for those who know having a 2, 3, and 11 on the stone resources really slowed the evening down. But we wrapped up at 11:20 with Worthy Opponent the winner with 9 points. But I'm running slow today. Nonetheless, tonight will find me at Sorry Charlie's.
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    "Two Ladies" - Cabaret
Sea dragon

What did the sorority girl say to the midget?

Wow, that was short. It was just a three day contract after all. They are having a slowdown until July 4th. I guess we'll see what happens after then. At least I get one more sunshiney day, not that I couldn't have made just as much money this week staying at home doing nothing. I like working here, and I know I did a great job, so I guess it was better to be here than to not be here. Maybe I can spend tomorrow hanging out at Cathy's pad on Lake Washington.