June 27th, 2003

Sea dragon

No, I'm sorry, Charlie

Dragged my sad little butt to Sorry Charlie's last night, despite the fact that I was worn out still from the night before and congested from allergies. I wasn't really in the mood to sing at all, but I got up and did "Across the Universe" and "When You're Good to Mama." I screwed up the second song, which I should have memorized by now anyway. Cathy had apparently already come and gone (if Worthy Opponent hadn't spent so long out with his dad I'm sure we could have made it there anyway, but I was working my way through two more songs by the time he showed up so we got there around 10), so it was just the two of us. Very sad not to have miss_villanelle there, she's a good drinking buddy, but supposedly I'll be returning with motomotoyama tonight.

Meanwhile, no workie today. I'll be eating breakfast soon, watering my flowers, then figuring out how to waste a perfectly marvelous day. I'm hoping to go to the library to get some more sheet music, but I also need to go to Cathy's later today to take advantage of her dock-side pool - the best I can do now that Denny Blaine is closed for construction (damn those rich neighbors). I suppose I'll be working on Harry Potter or something like that ...
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Sea dragon

Good thing I got today off

Surprisingly, it looks like I will have work next week after all. It makes me glad I stayed late to work on the end of project report yesterday, although that kept me from getting to the library like I wanted to (which I'm going to do today, I swear). I also think that I did the right thing in being scrupulous about keeping under 8 hours per day, although fortunately I was able to do so honestly and not through working more than I reported (and I got to go out to lunch daily!). Truth be told I'd rather just have the whole week off next week given the good weather. Working a five-day week would be good, though, since it would mean I'd actually make more at the job than I get from unemployment.

Now what? I have about five hundred errands I need to run, and I do really want to go to Cathy's. Maybe I'll just aim to be there around 3 PM and stay until Worthy Opponent turns up. And I am thinking that before Sorry Charlies I either want to go to happy hour at the Comet or maybe go to see silent movies at Swansea Espresso. That is really looking like the winner, and given that they're showing Joan of Arc tomorrow I'm thinking I may not be getting to Damn Yankees at all.