June 28th, 2003

Sea dragon

Summer is surely here and the cats are peeing in the living room again

Had a very nice day, although I was torn between going to Cathy's directly to hang out at the pool and going to the library to pick up music for Sorry Charlie's tonight. Of course, I had to get the music so motomotoyama and shadowdaddy could sing. I also picked up my cute purse from Lipstick Traces while I was out and returned the rental car, then had them drop me off at Cathy's for the swimming part of the afternoon.

Then it was home for dog walking and off to the Comet, where shadowdaddy and I met motomotoyama. We drank, did some window shopping at Value Village, then went to a new restaurant in Queen Anne (Phuket, good food, nice style). Once ensconced at Sorry Charlie's, we were assaulted to the worst kind of possible evening ... lots and lots of good singers. I did get one set in, but motomotoyama was beat (she had to work today, after all) and we called it a night around midnight.

The rest of the week got pretty filled up while I was leafing through The Stranger. Tomorrow I'm entranced by the possibility of Japanese cabaret, then there is the "market research" theater thing Annex is doing (I'll have to get tickets for that early, I'm thinking) playing its last night at 8 PM. Then Sunday and Monday I want to see the Dennis Nyback movies at Swansea Espresso, and Wednesday I want to see the Burlesque Show at the Rendezvous. Thursday is the Grind. Man, what a week! And I'm supposed to do all this and WORK?
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Sea dragon

It's just like being in an episode of Frasier!

Decided to live "la vida Seattle" today, as popularized by Doonesbury and, I don't know, network TV. After working in the yard in the early afternoon, we ran down to Lake Washington and found an attractive, non-lifeguarded beach, where we spent a pleasant two or so hours "frolicking in the surf," "reading liberal weekly newspapers," and "eating local organic produce." It was nice but I'm up for a nap now before I, um, hit the town for some "alternative theater."