June 30th, 2003

Sea dragon

Up there with the Onvia dream

I dreamed that I went to Sorry Charlie's last night after all, but Howard wasn't there. The official word was that Howard just couldn't deal with all of the mushy last night stuff, so he didn't come in. Then one of the waitresses came up to me and said, "You really had a special connection with Howard. Did you ever notice how his face was just wreathed with smiles when he was working with you? That just never happened. So I feel like I can tell you that the real reason Howard isn't here right now is because he had a stroke last night and he's in the hospital now. It was brought on by the strain of the bar closing and the mental exertion caused by all of the new music he was trying to play lately. If only he'd stuck to what he had memorized ... but he'll probably never play piano again." I told Worthy Opponent about this and he said I'm OCD.

Tonight I'm going to see the silent movies at Swansea espresso again. Perhaps I can get a few of my friends to come with me. The rest of the week is going to be busy again. I need to figure out where Catan will be Wednesday, and I think early Thursday I'm going to the movie at the Grand Illusion (if you click the link it's Monday's recommended activity).

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Sea dragon

I am so dyslexic - football torture

I spent all day today testing a game that said, "Left click to scramble (the quarterback), right click to aim the ball." And all day I played the game (after I had someone explain the concept of "scramble") and couldn't figure out why I couldn't do anything with the game but suck, suck, suck. Then at about five I realized that a left click is not the one I do with my index finger, it is the one I do with my middle finger. No matter what shadowdaddy says, I am sure I am dyslexic.

In other news, I found it very ironic to have to test a product all day that was all about football. (For example, I had to ask, "Is it appropriate to refer to team X as 'the Buffs?' Their costumes appear to be red." Also, "I think we have a possible spelling error here with the blocked 'PAT.' Isn't that supposed to be 'PASS?'") It sure kept me focused on the software elements! And it kept me from playing the game.