July 1st, 2003

Sea dragon

Work wierdness

Up, down, all around town. At my "new job" (if you can call this a job), after leaving me hanging all week about what this week would hold, on Friday they asked me to work the next Monday (of this week) as part of a likely four day week, but today (Tuesday) at 5 they told me that my project for the second half of this week wasn't going to be coming in on time, and could I please take tomorrow off? Good because I need to take the cat to the vet, but generally bad because it's the fourth day of working that actually puts me over what I'm getting from unemployment. Aargh!

It made me extra glad that I went to the effort of calling back my old contracting agency about an *extremely lucrative* job "in Seattle" (imagine that said in a voice of mystery). Of course, I only really called because of the lucrative part (it would be anywhere from $10 to $15 an hour more than I'm making now, putting me in a salary level higher than I've ever been in my life), but then it turns out it's also very close to me ... at *$ (get it?), which is nice and bikable from my house. Three months of steady employment would be really nice at this point, you know?

Lessee ... otherwise, I was really debating whether the work environment at Q*** is exciting or oppressive. Are we a stable of QA Mercenaries waiting for our next target? Or are we a bunch of faceless, interchangable knowledge worker drones, the final step before the work gets sent to India?

I'm off to the 8 PM movie at Swansea Espresso tonight. Dennis said he'd let me in to tonight's show for free. Maybe I'll get lucky and see another of my friends there, since Worthy Opponent won't be around.
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