July 4th, 2003


It can't be hormones

Spent the day feeling down and got downer as the day went on. Did get some gardening done, actually started on the waterproofing, but wound up cancelling happy hour since I didn't want to go anywhere (I don't want to say I didn't want to leave the house, but maybe it could be interpreted like that). Some time in the afternoon I found out that I wasn't going to be working on Monday either, and only possibly on Tuesday. I followed up on the *$$ job immediately after that, and I was told that they expected to hear something back on Monday about that. I'm more interested than ever.

Then found out around six that Worthy Opponent's best friend at work got laid off, and my mood really went downhill ... I felt stricken. I couldn't concentrate on doing the tile anymore ... I kept forgetting where I was and going over the same spots ... I finally gave up on the tiling, and for that matter, gave up on going out to a movie and just kept plowing through my book. When he got home at 8 (he needed to fix a project that didn't quite come together correctly ... so it's a good thing I bagged on Happy Hour), we went to Mesob and talked about what happened. I felt so terrible about his friend - he's got two kids that have big medical bills, I'm not sure about how his current skills are going to fly on the market, and basically I think he was being scape-goated for the company's generally fucked-up process.

Anyway, this all just killed my desire to go out and do anything tonight, so I spent my evening reading on the couch. Sadly, around 1 AM I got to see my very old cat come all the way out to the living room to pee on the carpet. I don't know what to make her do to stop it, but it's wreaking havoc on the floors underneath as well as ruining the rug. I hate the idea of keeping her locked up in the back bedroom, but what am I supposed to do otherwise? I really don't want to put her to sleep but she is wrecking my living room and making my house the kind of place I do not want to have people come visit. I'll see what the report from teh vet has to say ... maybe there's some kind of food I can give her that will encourage her to pee correctly, and get her to pee less.
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Sea dragon

Trying to pick it up

Didn't want to get up this morning, but at least having Worthy Opponent at home with me today was a wee bit of a motivator ... I mean, really, why would I need more than 9 hours of sleep, given what a nice day it is? Not that I really cared ...

He cooked up pancakes while I did some dishes, then I did more dishes (they're piled up) while he worked on the yard. I was trying to come up with something I could do today that would break my bluesy spell. Go hiking? Too much effort. Go to the ocean? Well, yeah, if I could get there in half an hour tops. Play some games? Maybe, but I needed more people for the good ones. Pinball? Well, that might work for a while, and it would sure get me out of the house ...

The thing is, it's a holiday, but it's one I don't usually get really excited about and one this year that actually makes me want to, I don't know, head to Vancouver (BC) for the day so I can avoid it altogether. I don't want to watch fireworks (go, murdering American government!) or be around people I don't know well, which kills the two parties I was invited to (one at Q***, the other West Seattle but only one person I know there) ... and my brother, who I'd enjoy seeing, is off shooting fireworks in a nearby Indian reservation, which kind of goes back to the first thing I don't feel like doing today.

But then I remembered ... motomotoyama is having a party tonight ... and people I know and feel okay being semi-social (read: "real") around, like her sweet sis runningnekkid ... and there you go, I'm in, and I can even bring my Chicago karaoke disk.

So I got in a game of Carcasonne BC out in the backyard with Worthy Opponent, and we had some chinese noodles with peanut sauce (I've finally got cooking them both down pat) for lunch, then he headed out to hand out neighborhood flyers while I made pasta salad and sangria. Sure, I didn't work on the shower at all, but I feel like I can present my face at the party and probably have a good evening.