July 6th, 2003

Sea dragon

Moth chasing kitty - Princes of Florence

I'm sitting here with Boo on my lap while I type. She's going after a moth that's attracted to the light of the monitor. It'd be cool if she caught it.

Had a really good evening, and it turned out that the generally filthy state of my house was not at issue. Chris and Maurie came over around 3:30, and we ate most of the leftover pasta salad and the grilled brats that they brought. Then the four of us plunged into Princes of Florence, and although it took us about an hour to get into play after we had got the initial set-up, we all had a great time, and C & M were excited about it enough not only to want to play it again, but to go out to the Speak and Spell art exhibit at the Soil and Pound art galleries (it was after all a very nice day for a walk, and they were walkable from my house). Afterwards we came back and played two more times, finishing up around 12:30. Now all I have to do is get 800 words cranked out on these puppies for Tablet tomorrow and I'll be doing well ...
Sea dragon

Writer's block

I'm having a hard time finding stuff out about the Speak and Spell exhibit. I've only got about 150 words written so far and it's been an hour. On the other hand, I do have some definitive information about the outdoor theater season, which I thought must be starting up soon. I'm not particulary interested in seeing Much Ado About Nothing, but I'd enjoy seeing Merchant of Venice again, and I'm intrigued by The Country Wife, even though I've never heard of William Wycherley before. I mean, hey, it's at Volunteer Park, how bad could it be?

Oh yeah, apparently our trip to Trader Joe's has resulted in our winning tickets to tomorrow's silent western at the Paramount (it's two Buster Keaton movies, so it should be a good time). With the Tablet barbeque Wednesday and the neighborhood meeting Thursday, it looks like it's going to be a pretty busy week already.
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Sort of a strange day - writing and Nemo

I spent most of today (after my New Mexico style Huevos Rancheros) writing an article for Tablet - around 5 hours. Man! It was an incredible day, and it kind of sucked to be inside, but I was in the zone so I don't remember most of it. I sat down and it was about 1, then it got to be 4 and I got hungry, then there was a supper break, then it was 6 and I was finishing the final edit, then it was 6:30 and it was ready to go. I was barely distracted by the internet and was mostly focused on trying to say what I wanted to say and making the story read well. We'll see how I like it in a few days when the issue comes out.

Afterwards I took a nap, then we took the dogs for a walk (and swim) along Lake Washington. It was just as exquisitely beautiful as it was last weekend, and I found myself wishing once again that I could afford a house close to the lake. (Worthy O said, "Just keep employed for a year!" but that made me laugh since having a good credit rating and having fistfulls of cash are not the same thing.)

The lights are off across the way at Ethel's house. She's the old lady who lives next to me. I've hardly seen hide nor hair of her for about a year and I keep thinking she's going to die. There are bags and bags of stuff in the driveway. I wonder if she's being sent to a nursing home or if something else bad happened?

Anyway, after we went to the lake, Worthy Opponent and I went to the Metro cinema (to save 45 minutes and $6 over going to the Majestic Bay, which is a much better theater) to see Finding Nemo. It was utterly amusing and a very pleasant two hours.

Tomorrow ... what will it be? I have a list of things to do, like Call The Vet and Wash the Dogs (not to mention the dishes), but I am hoping I will also Swim in the Lake and maybe do a Pilates class ... lunch with dagmar_b would be nice too now that she's in town.