July 8th, 2003

Sea dragon

No big buxx for me

Well, *$$ isn't going to call me in for the big buxx job - and Q*** is trying to figure out, as we speak, if they're actually going to have work for me tomorrow. I await with baited breath - baited with ham and waffles since I just got back from my breakfast with miss_villanelle at Glo's. I'm feeling sore from my Pilates class yesterday - I pretty much never work my chest and back muscles, and lifting my arms over my head hurts right now.

It looks like an exciting afternoon of Washing the Dogs and Cleaning the Catboxes for me right now. I'm glad it's cool and overcast, since it makes it more pleasant to be in the house right now. I have a neighborhood meeting at 6 tonight, then Worthy Opponent is off to see some spaghetti western at the Varsity.
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Sea dragon

Another slack week, it appears

Have I really been doing nothing for almost two hours now? I found a good article (by AS Byatt, natch) on Harry Potter, in which she says "part of the reason I read Tolkien when I'm ill is that there is an almost total absence of sexuality in his world, which is restful." This got me to Google a referenced writer in the story, which led me to a fine listing of books from someone whose tastes are similar to mine, which should provide me with cherry picking for several weeks and solve my "lack of reading material" problem (of course, I could just pick up a book I have already started, but that would be too simple, wouldn't it? And of course I had my call from Q*** about not working. However, I must get off line now and go do something real, no matter how dull it is to not be on the computer reading the top 25 most emailed articles off of the New York Times -- like "Bush Claim on Iraq Had Flawed Origin, White House Says" (ooh, now there's a surprise) or "Opposites Attract? Not in Real Life." I'm addicted!
Sea dragon

Sibling revivalry

I came home from the neighborhood meeting, and, rather than yelling at the dogs for getting out of the kitchen and scattering cat litter all over the living room (Shadow remembers how mad I get - he was cowering already when I walked in the door - why can't he remember and just not do it?), I called my sister. She picked up the phone, I asked her if she wanted to come visit, and she said yes, no hemming or hawing or anything! I even came up with an itinerary she likes. Collapse ) She's going to email me tomorrow to confirm, and then I'll buy the tickets for her (it's a late Christmas present, funded by the auto accident).

What's funny is that I didn't even THINK about whether or not she wanted to travel with her kids: I just assumed she wanted to and it would be a matter of how many I or she could afford to pay for. But her idea was that coming without the kids would be GREAT, which kind of cracked me up because of COURSE a woman with two young kids would think it was great to get away from them for a little while, I just hadn't thought of it. And her husband just got a new job, so he doesn't have any vacation time yet, but she does, so it's no problem for her to go at all. YAAAAY! I'm off and running on thinking of things to do with her - whale watching! Dim sum! Canoeing! Seeing cute towns on the coast! Eating tacos! YAAAAAY!
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