July 9th, 2003

Sea dragon

Unemployment day ???

Got a grand total of two dahlias planted, and now I'm off like a shot to get to my 11:30 pilates class, then have lunch with dagmar_b in the U-District. I guess I can either work on doing some writing (promo stuff for EMG) when I get back or work on finishing the water sealing in the shower. Although it is awfully nice outside.
Sea dragon

Good weather, bad job hunting

Well, I get to enjoy another day of sunshine. The client of "my" company's client is jerking the "client" around, so here I am, the tail of the whip, getting cracked. I would be really lost without the unemployment money right now.

It's been a nice and fairly productive day otherwise. Pilates was nice and I think loosened up the muscles I'd tightened up on Monday, dagmar_b was unsurprisingly completely into getting to-go sandwiches from Le Fournil and sitting out in the sunshine to eat. I was responsible and went to the Early Music Guild offices and got the text for the Early Music Discovery series in better shape (at least for the promo flyers, if not for the website). Then I came home, visited with my neighbor Kevin, and bought my sister her tickets to visit ... it's really going to happen!

Now I'm revisiting my evening plans. I'm going to get in the shower and do the watersealing as soon as I get offline, but I'm feeling disinclined to go to the Tablet barbeque and would prefer to do happy hour at the Comet and geeky games at Nina's afterwards ... it's not like I have to get up in the morning, right?