July 10th, 2003

Sea dragon

Dueling sausages!

Two great sausage related headlines greeted me tonight:

Sausage Attack Overshadows Brewers' Win (this, sadly, had no photos)
On Trailblazing Corsica, Sausages With a Pedigree (alas, not referring to the previous headline)

Had a nice night at Nina's: got in a round of Princes of Florence (which I won) after running over the rules to Puerto Rico with Nina, her boyfriend, and Cathy. I kind of wanted to play both, but Cathy REALLY wanted to play Puerto Rico so I figured I'd rather have her enthusiastic self playing than my torn self. My brother seemed to be getting along with everyone famously, and I got a kick out of having Nina beg the "loud-mouthed (MyLastNameHere)'s" get out of the room so she could play in peace.

After I came home I saw that at midnight I was getting emails from my friend sallysimpleton, so I pinged her and within a few minutes got a real phone call! We talked for almost an hour, and briefly touched on my using people who like to play games as my social network (in the context of how hard it is to make friends, which we concluded isn't really a east-coast/west-coast/southern culture conflict thing so much as a not-being-in-college/not-having-kids/not-interested-in-religious-cults thing -were those gunshots outside or just more fireworks?). She also told me that our mutual friend/former co-worker B* is divorcing his wife, and oddly enough we both agreed that he was a total dog for stringing her along for so long (and utterly refusing to compromise - part of the 3Cs, Commitment, Compromise, Communication) and flat out lying to her about his intentions (like the not copromising part).

Anyway, it's 1:30, I'm cruising the New York Times looking for stuff to read (Wm Gibson would say that I should be writing now, and I don't think that the blog would count, even though he keeps one himself)> I'm giving Worthy Opponent the keys to the car tomorrow, and I'm planning on biking over to Fremont to meet him in the afternoon and then going to happy hour at Beso Del Sol. The evening beyond that is open: but whatever will I do during the day now that the shower is finished, the dogs are cleaned, and I've called my sister?

(Obviously I'll stay online all day, reading about kayaking or those crazy Love Hotel Bloggers in Japan.)
Sea dragon

Oh what a beautiful ... afternoon

Why in the world did I stay up so late last night? I slept until 11 today, and now I feel like I have no idea what to do today. Surely in part that's because Worthy Opponent has the car, but ... I just feel rudderless! It seems like it would be a good day to get a little cleaning done ... I could probably get the living room, the kitchen (except for the dishes), and the bedroom cleaned up in about an hour. And I could always take a shower. Woo woo. I really need to get a job. Or find a really good book so I can settle down in the backyard and read until my head pops off.
Sea dragon

Update on tomorrow, today

To my delight, book three of Jo Clayton's Shadith's Quest provided me with just the distraction I needed to make my afternoon fly by ... and suddenly I need to get on my bike and get my butt to Fremont so I can get to happy hour in time to meet my friends. I'm feeling a little sad (or disorganized) for not having accomplished anything all day, but it's miserably hot inside the house, so the moment I moved outside with cold cheese, good bread, a juicy nectarine and a salad looks like it was the perfectly right time to do so.

Can you believe I'm going to have this whole week off? Yep, no work again tomorrow. Rumor has it I may start on a longer term project Monday. I am sure ready for it! And I'm ready for my margaritas tonight, and to take a shower in a bathroom where I am not surrounded by Hefty bags on the walls.