July 11th, 2003

Sea dragon

Beso del Sol and more

The bike ride over to Fremont nearly did me in: it was almost 90 and humid to boot (plus I was riding in the full sun AND I'm a big baby from living in Seattle all this time), but at least I didn't get the little black spots swimming in my face like last time. I felt very overheated and my face and shoulders were red like I had one heck of a sunburn when I arrived. I jumped in the on-site showers (at Worthy O's office) to try to cool off, and by the time I got to Beso del Sol I was looking just flushed and not like I was about to have The Big One. motomotoyama and sallysimpleton both showed up, as hoped, and we had a nice little time drinking pineapple and strawberry margaritas and, amusingly enough, talking about blogging.

Afterwards Worthy Opponent and I ran some errands, which led to Strolling Down the Ave, the purchase of the original Broadway case recording of Chicago, and picking up Puerto Rico from my brother's house. Afterwards, we went home and ... chilled out, mostly, folding laundry and reading. Wow! A quiet night at home.

Right now I'm heading over to Bill Zosel's to pick raspberries and don't have much else planned for the day. (I was going to walk over there with the white poodle, but within seconds of my releasing her from the kennel, she was eating out of the cat food dish - strictly forbidden - so I took her back upstairs to put her in the kennel, where, thanks to my yelling at her, I'm pleased to say the milestone of First Animal Urination on Super Nice Oriental Rug has not been reached. It was not the goal I intended to reach today, or in fact, ever. The black poodle is now out and will be accompanying me.) Tonight we're gaming at Cathy's Styling Lakeside Pad® for games with her and Matt, but until then my life is a blank slate.
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Sea dragon

Sausage photos, work ahead

Photos of the sausage incident now available:

I will be working Monday now, on a one day project, which is supposed to segue into the two day project, which will hopefully lead into a project for the last two days of the week so I can actually work the full week before the 21st rolls around, when I'm supposed to do a multiple-week project, which is a very good thing since the car insurance, auto registration, and water/electric are due this month, as well as the regular bills.

I just sicced my dogs on a neighborhood cat that was bothering Boo: they of course ran all the way into someone else's yard and hopped a fence, taking a dump there. Thanks, guys! And of course the other cat got away, but I was free to rescue my little snoogly-oogums and take her back inside.
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