July 12th, 2003

Sea dragon

Off to the Capitol Hill Block Party

The weather is very nice today - clouds and sun, a little muggy but only about 75 outside. I've got the sunscreen on and I'm ready to hit the Capitol Hill Block Party. My primary goal is the putt-putt golf course, but Hot Mama's pizza is on the schedule, too. I'm feeling much better after my nap - the community meeting at 10 AM was just too early for me, even though I felt like it was important I attend.

We stayed at Cathy's playing Puerto Rico until after midnight last night. sallysimpleton came by, making it a foursome. We got in some swimming, some barbeque, and a spontaneous fireworks show across the lake, originating (as near as we could tell) from some rich person's home on Mercer Island. It was really beautiful, watching the colors of the display reflecting a mile long on the lake. shadowdaddy won, but only because 1) the one round I really needed money he successfully denied me and 2) when I got the money the next round little Miss Drunkleton snaked me out of a large building that she didn't even need. Sheesh! So much for the corn strategy.

I may go to the outdoor play at Volunteer Park tomorrow at 2 if this good weather holds.
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Sea dragon

Back from Block Party

I forgot to mention that shortly after I got to Cathy's, she recommended and I signed up for the Northwest Outdoor Center's "Fundamentals of Kayaking" class. It's a four day class, two weekday evenings, one half Saturday, and a full day trip to Deception pass, and I think it will really get me up to snuff to do a bigger kayaking trip. Alternately, it could convince me that the whole kayaking thing is just my responding to the peer pressure of Cathy and her kayak. The price seemed pretty good (although I didn't notice the $50 equipment fee - I blame the mojito), and Worthy Opponent and I will both be taking it. August 6 was the first open session ... I can't wait!

Hmm, according to an editorial in the New York Times, I'm a "bright."
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