July 14th, 2003

Sea dragon

QA Supergirl

I am Quality Assurance Woman. Dressed in my Super Uniform (black jeans, one size too small, and Hawaiian shirt), I tackle projects big and small. Specs haven't been updated in six months? No problem, I'll figure out what it's supposed to do! Last day of testing, completely unfamiliar with any function of the product, not allowed to write up bugs without prior approval from the project manager who's been postponing everything (lest I inadvertently enter a bug that's already been entered - there are only 300 or so issues outstanding)? I will provide an End of Day Status Update, with all potential issues identified.

Really, I feel like I can't accomplish jack shit, but they asked me to be here, so I will Fly, BugGirl, Fly! What a mess! And to top it off I could have been in here at 9 AM instead of killing time across the street at Essential Baking, but I was Just Following Instructions, ma'am.
Sea dragon

Workie cookie

I've got work for tomorrow, too. Not sure what's going on tonight - possibly a trip to the Comet and to Cremaster. We'll see.

I got to use my parasol today on my walk back from Qazi's in Fremont. I sure ate well there! I could have used a longer walk back.
Sea dragon

Either time or money: you can't have both

It's late, I'm dog tired, and I have to work on the draft of a proposal that our neighborhood is creating to toss at the local university that wants to squat on some more of our neighborhood's land. They are so arrogant about how anything they do is such a benefit to our neighborhood, completely ignoring the way they've turned huge clumps of land into places our community can't use, and turned residential streets into garbage dumps because of the way they construct with their backs to our neighborhood. I hope we roast them.

Anyway, we just got through playing Hunters and Gatherers, and while I'd much rather just read until I'm ready to sleep, I have to play neighborhood activist tonight, because 1) the meeting is tomorrow and 2) I said I'd do it. Man. I remember why I got out of the habit of volunteering for stuff!