July 15th, 2003

Sea dragon

Sleepy update

I've got a project where they're hot to see the bugs this morning so I don't have much to say other than whatEVER happened to my sleep last night? I think I got an hour of just laying there in, and I actually wound up trying to come up with things to keep my brain entertained while it was spinning the wheels. I almost just turned on the nightlight and read, but you never know what tack will pull the brain into slumberland.

Did I mention how much fun I had at lunch yesterday with sallysimpleton and M.... gosh, I'd link to her Live Journal but she's NOT KEEPING ONE YET! What's wrong with her? I KNOW she got a code!

How many days am I really working this week?

It's getting toward the end of the day at Q and again I'm being jerked around about whether or not I'm going to have work tomorrow. This is so incredibly frustrating. On the other hand I think I'd like to make a trip to the Talbots store in downtown Seattle and I'm having a hard time figuring out when I'm going to make it to the art museum (I need to write a story about the Buddhist art exhibit that's up) this week if I'm going to see a movie Thursday night (I'm dying to see both the Cremaster, only showing at 8, and Night of the Hunter, only showing at 7), so a day off could be good, but I'm still supposed to be in here at 8:30 for a meeting and then again at 4 for the company party. Why not work in the intervening hours, you know?

Anyway, I was feeling snacky so I got a meringue and a teensy apricot croissant at the Essential Baking Company. Yum!
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