July 17th, 2003

Sea dragon

Puerto Rico report

Well, no workie for me tomorrow. I bet there will be no workie Friday, too. But I'm going to hedge my bets and do my trip to Talbot's downtown and the Seattle Asian Art Museum tomorrow, anyway. I might go to the Mind and Body studio for a pilates class, too. That would mellow me out and be good for me, too.

Games tonight were at Cathy's Stylin' Lakeside Pad, and we played Puerto Rico with Nina and her boyfriend (and Worthy Opponent, of course). Little Bunny Foo Foo herself won, once more employing the "I couldn't possibly win" strategy to distract us from her powerful plays. Nicely done! It is definitely a great game with five people. We tried the "politician" card, and while it was good early in the game, it messed up the strategy later to have people be able to play a role card a second time. Afterwards, we watched the moon rise over Mercer Island, with Mars hovering very closely nearby, just like they said it would on Stardate tonight.

I'm hoping to hit the 7 PM Grand Illusion movie tomorrow and then go to Mandarin Gate to break in my Chicago karaoke CD. Should be fun!
Sea dragon

This is kind of a familiar feeling

I'm sitting at home and I don't feel like doing anything. Swimming? No Denny Blaine, so what's the point? Lunch? I can cook at home for less. Pilates? I could get so much more done today if I didn't go.

This all leads me to thing that I must go to Pilates NOW because it's obvious I need to get out of the house.

Hmm, just called Seattle Parks and Rec, and they say Denny Blaine is open. What good news! I should go there after Pilates ... where I should go NOW.
Sea dragon

The waiting game

It's after 3 and I still don't know if I'm working or not tomorrow. I even called to check. What a joke! Ha ha! Except I am the punchline. I'll know within the hour, I'm sure.

Pilates was good for me, but afterwards I got caught up talking to the studio owner about a proposed low income housing development down the street and then wound up going to visit the big space next door where this guy Kevin is thinking about putting in a movie and pizza joint a la the movie houses in Portland where you take a pitcher of beer to your table. Michael supports the development because the managers are extremely good at running their properties so they don't become nuisances.

Shortly after I got home, Worthy Opponent showed up on his bike for some meeting he's going to that should be over in about another forty minutes or so. So I guess I'll kill just a little bit of time (shower and dog walking should do it), and then we'll head over to the Asian Art Museum together (with a bank detour on the way). His rehearsal is in the U-District, so we'll very conveniently be able to go there at the same time (me for my movie), and with any luck he might be able to join me at the Mandarin Gate for karaoke later.

The milk seems to be spoiling about three days before it should. This is the third gallon I've had to toss out early. I wonder what we're doing wrong? Is it the fridge?