July 18th, 2003

Sea dragon

Testing the football CD and Night of the Hunter

I'm actually working today, yay. About damn time. It's supposed to get up to 83 degrees so I actually brought a suit and a towel. Looks like I'm going to go for the 8 PM Cremaster movie instead of the 4:15.

I went to see Night of the Hunter last night at the Grand Illusion last night, and what a hair-raising tale it was. I was drawn in simply by the idea of the preacher with LOVE/HATE tattooed on his knuckles, but the performance of Robert Mitchum as the twisted preacher was like seeing evil incarnate (and of course evil quotes the bible). Plus, I never expected that the cinematography would be so outstanding. It was positively lyrical right in the middle during the river sequence ... two children floating on a skiff by night, while the stars twinkled over head and little prey animals (rabbits, etc.) are shown on the banks in the foreground. And the sequence of the dead woman in the car at the bottom of the lake ... was right out of American Gods. I'd go on and on but I'll save that for my other blog.

Afterwards I got a gyro (at Alladin, of course) then met motomotoyama at Mandarin Gate. shadowdaddy joined us there later, and while I thought I'd be feeling the pain of coming home at midnight, in fact I seem to feel pretty good right now.

My brother-in-law is coming to visit tomorrow, and it looks like I'll spend lots of time cleaning prior to his arrival. I wish I could say I knew what I was doing Sunday and Monday, but he hasn't made good plans so I'm kind of at a loss. I want to go see some outdoor theater, but it's difficult when I don't know if I'm going to be here or not (BIL wants to go to Vancouver Sunday, I expect I'll bag since I don't like doing that drive and someone will need to watch the dogs). My brother is having a bunch of wedding guests in, and I'm supposed to go with them to see In Flagrante Gothicto Saturday, provided we can get 1/2 price tickets.
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Sea dragon

Football again

Yep, the new project is testing another football CD again. Ick! Right now I'm just making sure the game clips play all the way through. How can I possibly appreciate the brilliance of these "classic college plays?" Meanwhile I got a coupon for 20% off and free shipping from Sierra Traders, and I'm cruising for clothes while I listen to the droning in the background (simulating multi-tasking, you know). I did find a pair of capris I'm thinking about getting, so at least I feel like I'm accomplishing something today.
Sea dragon


I found a bug in the Football product, and I held my arms over my head and said, "Touchdown!"

I am setting up a return trip to SAAM to meet with the curator of the Asian art exhibit, which will be happening tomorrow afternoon. I feel like I may be working too hard on this article, but whatever, I'd enjoy learning more about Buddhist art. My take was that the exhibit was really dry and hurt from being outside of the context from which the art originated. I am hoping she can "enlighten" me (tee hee).