July 21st, 2003

Sea dragon

I make myself laugh

So the thing I'm testing right now is a CD that is being given away as a promo somehow. The last one we tested, well, that was easy to conceive: it was for Post, so it would go into cereal boxes, right? But this one is for Kraft Miracle Whip, and I assume it's going to be something you send away for, right? But I started thinking about little kids digging in jars of mayonnaise, then of them taking the disk all shiny and glistening with glops of white goo out of the jar, and then (theme from Jaws) slowly moving the disk toward the CD-ROM drive ... and I got all hysterical and giggly, at least for a little bit.

It was nasty inside the office when I arrived today - probably around 80 or so. I opened up the front door to catch the breeze, since I prefer the cool wafting air of the dump to the stale air of the room where I'm working. With any luck the breeze will cool it down inside a little bit, but with highs today estimated to hit the 90s I'm suspecting by 2 PM I'll be at wit's end in this big cement oven.
Sea dragon

Home and too hot

It's a nice 85 degrees and an airless god only knows what inside. I got through with work at 1 PM and bagged it for the day. Now I'm going to Denny Blaine to cool off. Ick!
Sea dragon

Delightful swim and I apparently can still attract men

The lake was loverly. I took out the floatie and I brought my goggles. I'm guessing I only stayed for an hour, but I got hit up on by two guys while I was there. I hung over the side of my floatie and looked at the duckweek floating in the depths, and I was reminded of Night of the Hunter (which reminded me of American Gods) as well as, of course, the opening sequence of The Wide Sargasso Sea). It was very relaxing. I tried to do some paddling with my arms to work up to the kayaking class I'm going to be taking in a few weeks.

After I came home we split pretty directly to see Tumbleweeds, the last of the Paramont's Silent Movie Monday cowboy series. There were some great scenes of a land rush in the west (a cast of thousands! - of horses), but the lead actor was kind of a joke - such a stereotype. It made me miss the Buster Keaton flicks. But since I got the Trader Joe's guy at the front door to give all four of us free tickets to get in, I still felt like it was a successful evening out. We ended up at the Comet at about 10, and I split to Playland to play a little peenball while the boy's finished their second pitcher. We're home now, and the house is stuffy. We need another fan, I think.

Tomorrow: pilates, lake, hair salon, possibly yet another neighborhood meeting while the guys go to a soccer game. I might make the Cremaster - that would be four movies in a week, not a record for me I'm afraid. And I have no idea whether or not I'm working on Wednesday. If I'm not I'm going to Tacoma with my brother in law and his friend and taking them to the Tacoma Art Museum. I've been dying to see it! And if we do it right, we can make it to the Southern Kitchen ... I'm sure Jeff will luuuv it. If not, well hell, I'm driving.