July 22nd, 2003


Minor spate of productivity

I got up late to a phone call from someone from the city checking in about the new parking lot on 12th and Cherry, and did a mighty good job of pretending I hadn't just awakened from a very intense dream about my friend Ann Donovan (who was telling me the conditions for being friends with her again - a situation I'd love to occur in real life) and trying to rescue our many board games from the clutches of an unscrupulous storage facility owner. After that call and breakfast, I spent (wow!) two and a half hours working in the yard. I've planted all the gladiolas now, but there are STILL dahlias waiting to go.

Now I'm thinking about going to swim at Denny Blaine for a while before my trip to Megan's Central Style (now located in the white-trashiest part of Seattle - and I think "Megan's South-Western Style" would be a right pretty moniker) and I've got some macaroni and cheese a-cooking on the stove for my little peek neek. Will I accompany it with Ezell's Chicken or a tuna fish sandwich? Only time and the condition of the bread in the fridge will tell.
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    'When You're Good to Mama" - Chicago
Sea dragon

Fucking Q**!

So I'm not working for the rest of the week, as far as I know. No big project starting tomorrow. I'm so irritated! I was really ready to settle down with some work, but I'm getting dicked around by the Easy-Bake Office on 34th Street. C'mon, Deb, let's see some action on that app to *$$! I'm thinking I'll kill my time with a trip to Tacoma tomorrow to show the little Bro-I-L the Tacoma Museum of Art.

The community meeting sucked so much life out of me that I gave up on going to see the 9:20 Cremaster movie, but it might be the hour I spent in the Goodwill beforehand that really killed me (oh, so warm and moist inside!). I did get in dinner at Mesob after the community meeting, so the night was not a total waste, and since I found black 1)capris 2)shorts and 3)workout pants (sexy silk blend), the trip to the thrift store wasn't either.