July 24th, 2003

Sea dragon

I'm bored

B-I-L appears to be well on his way to sleeping through half his birthday, although of course I should give him credit for the two hours of awake time he got last night. I'm getting to work on doing the dishes, and I'm thinking, is this all I have to do today? I've got ten articles from the New York Times primed on by browser, I actually spent time emptying my Yahoo inbox, and the only thing I can really think of to do today is to go to my hairdresser's house and pick up the shampoo and conditioner I bought and stupidly left at her house. Man! I said I'd take B-I-L on a kind of birthday tour of Seattle (following this route), but I'm not sure when or if it's going to happen. It's sad to want to be working, but at least I'd feel like I was accomplishing something if I was.
Sea dragon

Now I'm really bored

It's almost 2 PM and my brother in law isn't out of bed yet. So while I wanted to spend some time with him on his birthday, in fact right now I've reached my boredom limit and instead I'm going to go to Koraku and have lunch. I hope the book I'm bringing with me (Drinker of Souls, Jo Clayton) turns out to be a good one.
Sea dragon

Post nap vision of Angels

Well, I missed out on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with motomotoyama as well as happy hour (whatever, I'm too spaced out to drink), but with my nap taken care of I am ready to see Charlie's Angels with sallysimpleton. I'm not expecting much and I do expect my expectations for mindless entertainment to be met. I would be well-positioned for a post-movie session of Karaoke (and hey I still might go until 10 or so) but I think a post-baseball birthday celebration with my B-I-L is probably where I will wind up.