July 26th, 2003

Sea dragon

Cut off his head, legs come looking for you!

It's pathetic that it's almost 6 PM and I've spent the entire day being tired. Of course, looking at the comments of the people on my friends page, I'm not too surprised. I had a fabulous time at the Antz Invasion show last night (the Gun Street girls weren't as cool as I was hoping), including running into an old work friend (from the Acadio days, which seem long ago but in fact was only two years back!) who sang the songs and pogoed along with me. I was feeling super cheap last night and didn't go for any drinks at the club other than water. I got home around two, but for some reason I've just been beat even though I must have got just about eight hours of sleep before we headed to Tacoma today with the brother in law and his friend. We got stuck in HEINOUS roadwork traffic on I-5, making a half hour drive take an hour and ten minutes, and unsurprisingly service at the Southern Kitchen was painfully slow. (My southern baked chicken - with sides of corn dressing, macaroni and cheese, black eyed peas, and collard greens - was, of course, delightful. I only ate half AND I'M STILL FULL!)

The "art inspired by Anime" at the Museum of Glass was unsurprisingly lame, especially after the awesome exhibit I more or less ran across yesterday (before we went canoeing) at the Henry. How typical that I would pay $10 for crap and be amazed for free. We only stayed for about an hour and then headed north to take B-I-L to the airport. Now I'm feeling too strung out for Gilbert and Sullivan and am planning on taking a nap.

I did get mailed a funny link from my brother today that I thought I'd pass along.
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