July 28th, 2003

Sea dragon

The middle-aged and the restless

Man, another GORGEOUS day, and I should just be slapping myself and giggling because I don't have to work today ... and yet, I'm not. I want to be working today. I want to have more to do than balancing my checkbook, seeing if Tablet has updated their website yet, and picking up the living room. I'm trying to get a movie date for tonight (what sucks is that I absolutely want to see the movie up at the Grand Illusion right now, which I would happily see by myself, but they're not open Mondays, which will put me in conflict for the movie I am hoping to see with sallysimpleton someday BESIDES today and the showing of Cremaster 4 & 5 that will be playing Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY - aargh!). Maybe I can shake someone out of the woodwork to go to the beach at Lake Washington with me and my pasta salad.
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Sea dragon

And if you thought today was hot (actually I thought it was boring)

Gosh, what can I say about today? I watered the yard, I picked up a little, I created a recipe (saffron-lemon baked chicken in yogurt, it will be awesome tomorrow cold but it was actually very good tonight, too). The highlight of my day should have been my trip to the beach, and indeed there was a moment of pure ecstasy as I plunged into the water the first time ... but then I just kind of got bored. I didn't want to read my books, I didn't want to write in my journal, I didn't want to draw. I wanted to nap, but I couldn't sleep. I guess what I really wanted was to have someone to talk to me, or to sit in companionable silence, but instead I got other people being companionable to each other (eavesdropping was good). I was probably there for about two hours, and my cold pasta salad was quite tasty.

Afterward, the lack of shadowdaddy meant I was left to my own dysfunctional entertainment devices, which were stuck on "walk the dogs" and "how about you scrape the duckweed out of your hair now while that chicken's baking." I did get to talk to Rebecca, my brother (he has come up with a strange reason for not taking one of the primary components of grandma's dining room set, which is apparently pissing off our uncle), and my mother-in-law, who will be comning out for my brother's wedding (yay, except that she's REALLY expecting Jason to fork over the dough to go to her stepson's wedding now, boo).

Work, if it starts, will not be until Friday. In the meantime, I've got zip planned for tomorrow (other than keeping cool by the lake), but Wednesday at noon it looks like I'm going to see Friday, the new movie by Claire Denis - and then write a review of it for Tablet, followed by a meeting at EMG. Maybe I can make it down to Queen Anne and see if Sorry Charlie's is still open, too.