July 29th, 2003

Sea dragon

Economic blues all around

On one hand, the New York Times has an article saying why making exporting jobs illegal won't help the United States overall, then they have an article really sweating it because consumer confidence dropped drastically this month. What, I'm not supposed to worry because I can't get a steady, good job, I'm just supposed to get retrained for my job as a nursing assistant in an economy that only has service sector jobs left? Maybe I'll hold off on buying that new fridge, then. (Ooh, but Bill says he'll keep the jobs in town. Good for him!)

I've spent the last 24 hours fairly frequently refreshing the home page of the Seattle Time, checking the temperature. It's 87 now, which I guess means it's about time to hit the beach. I'm frustrated that I still haven't found a good book to read, though. And I wonder if I should drop some icecubes in the fish pond?
Sea dragon

Uncertainty killing me, brandy makes me forget

I had somewhat more luck at Denny Blaine beach today than yesterday. Sitting next to me was this woman who had been burnt out of her apartment - oddly enough exactly the same person the people who had been sitting next to me yesterday were talking about (she'd done it twice, so it was pretty notable). We got to talking after a while, and the next thing you know, I'm getting their brandy and they're eating my pirate booty. I had to be careful on my next dip in the lake - I was afraid I'd just go under. Anyway, I heard it got up to 95 today (it's 91 now), but I felt great. Lake Washington actually felt warm - kind of creepy if you ask me. There was a girl out on a duck floatie drinking a bottled beer, and she had a second duck with her carrying the rest of the beverages. Her friend was out in a floatie pool - pretty damn funny, but I liked their style!

Anyway, I got home and tah dah, now that I said I'd go see Friday of course they want me to come in tomorrow, so come in I will, but I'll be leaving for a while to go see the movie. It will make for an interesting day, I'm sure!
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