July 30th, 2003


Back to the Easy Bake Office

At 9 AM the office felt like it was already 80 degrees, and my coworkers said it was 90 at 4 yesterday. Even the email servers were broken down. Yuck! All I have to do right now is read a spec, and I must say it is very nicely written, so that's a pleasure. We're supposed to be getting some UI testing later, and of course I'm still supposed to see that movie at noon today. It'll cost me a lot not to be here but I'll just try to make up the hours Thursday or Friday. And really, if it hits 90 in the office I'm going to want to go home anyway.

I was having a minor stress-out about my dad today on the way in. He's supposed to arrive in Seattle this weekend, in tow of my brother who's driving out here with a load of my grandmother's furniture. I was thinking about how my dad is probably fairly content with the current state of our relationship - not having seen me for a year and a half and having talked to me a grand total of three times during that period. For him, this is the degree of involvement I think he's comfortable having in my life. For me, it's a painful failure of a relationship that could have been meaningful and instead is a hollow shell of its potential. I was even thinking yesterday about how my husband was for all intents and purposes my only family, although I'm working on developing relationships with other blood or inlaws with varying degrees of success. Speaking of which, my M-I-L is coming out for my brother's wedding. Yay!

Speaking of which, the movie "Le Fils" (the son) was very good, although Cathy probably wasn't prepared for it. I was, however, thanks to the review that made me go see it. Who needs dialogue anyway? In American movies, they're always just saying the obvious.
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Vendredi Soir - Mercredi apres-midi

Just got back from seeing my movie at the Seven Gables. It was cool (film and temperature wise), but I was sorry that I wasn't two minutes earlier so I could have seen the other film critics. I'll work on writing about it tonight. I can't imagine going to see Cremaster 4 & 5 now. Now I'm back in the easy bake office and thinking about switching into shorts, but the beta of our project has arrived and it's time to test. Yay for work, and yay for having big glasses of iced tea waiting for me!

Oh yeah, and why can't I find one of these at a thrift store?
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I'm so hot, I can't stand IT!

Okay, so Worthy Opponent is working and I'm at home, kind of bored. Does that mean I have to take every stupid internet quiz that comes my way?

Louise Brooks
Take the which Silent Starlet are you quiz!

(Duh! Of course I do!)

It was 90 in the office when I left today. I took some paperwork with me to read, and I might, but really, it doesn't make too much of a difference if I do or don't, since I didn't get called in any earlier than today it will be impossible for me to make more than the high end of my unemployment check this week. I really wish I had a good book! Or that I could get the online games to work at Brettspielwelt! What am I doing wrong? Is it Firebird? Why can't I get the Java plug in to work right for IE5? So frustrating!

Anyway, after I picked Worthy Opponent up to take him to the Bathhouse at Greenlake I got the dogs and went RIGHT to the lake because it was so damn hot! Now I'm sitting around in my suit and thinking that it's time to wash the duckweed out of my hair.
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Like smoking crack

Ooh, I got the gaming interface to work and just played Hunters and Gatherers with someone in Germany - and got my ass kicked so hard (50 point difference in the end) I could hear the laughter across the time zones. But I got a very nice person to walk me through how to log into the games and everything with minimum snarkiness and rather a lot of helpful geeky Germanness. No more lonely nights for me!