August 1st, 2003


China cabinet night

I came home last night to three calls from my brother on my answering machine. Collapse )

We were late-ish getting home because we went to happy hour with sallysimpleton at the Icon grill, which left me feeling motivationless after I got home. I can't believe they charge $11 a plate for their macaroni and cheese. I guess having an extra pitcher of sauce to pour on top must really raise their costs! Anyway, we ate enough dinner there that we didn't need any more food after we came home.

The night was slack. Worthy Opponent washed dishes (yay!), bought his tickets to San Diego, then talked on the phone to his mom for a year and a day. Alright, he's coming already, now can he get off the phone and talk to ME for a while since I've hardly seen him for four days? Then I gave him a guided tour of BrettSpielWelt where I was almost immediately invited to play Carcasonne with some other players. Wow! I really enjoyed saying,"Sorry, I'm just giving a tour, we have a table set and we're ready to go in real time!" Worthy Opponent was suitably impressed, and I am betting that I'll never be bored when he's in tech again.

I forgot to say earlier - I've packed the rest of the lemon chicken, some fresh couscous, and a salad, and Worthy Opponent and I will be having lunch just east of the Fremont bridge (nice photos, huh?).
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Sea dragon

Well lookie that

Is it really August? What a summer. Wednesday of next week we start our kayaking lessons, which I'm pretty excited about. I was thinking maybe sallysimpleton would join us, but I'm guessing it's too late for her to sign up. It's funny, this kayaking thing is the closest we're getting to a trip this summer. It makes me kind of sad.

There's a great analysis on Slate about Yellowcakegate, although calling it by that name made me think that Martha Stewart was being busted for using a box mix instead of making dessert from scratch.

Hmm, found a promising site for new LJ icons ...
Sea dragon

Country wife in the park

Just got back from watching The Country Wife at Volunteer Park with dagmar_b, sallysimpleton, and Izzy, SS's puppy. We had some Ezell's chicken and good old Kraft mac and made a picnic of it. The show was a total hoot and I really enjoyed it. Such racy language!

Tomorrow we're heading to Portland to visit our friends Jared and Julia who will be in from Albuquerque for the weekend. I'm dreading the drive because of the construction near Tacoma, but with any luck we can reduce the impact to a mere 40 minute drive instead of the hour and 15 it was last Saturday (and as opposed to the 20 minutes it takes under ideal conditions). The drive back and forth will, in fact, take up all of tomorrow. For the rest of tonight, I have to write up my review of Vendredi Soir. Who would think I'd be relieved that it was only 200-250 words? I should be fighting for more! But instead, I'm just grateful, all the more so because I'll get in a game of Carcasonne BC afterwards.
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