August 4th, 2003

Sea dragon

Bye bye the only good guy

Looks like Powell is going to leave Bush's cabinet, if comments like "Secretary Powell and Deputy Secretary Armitage are outstanding members of the president's team and highly valued members" really translate as this Slate article says they do.

The fish picture is a little pick-me-up, a sort of vase of flowers for my journal and your friends page. I thought about using the picture of Shi Shi Beach on this Seattle Times story, but they move their pictures too much. I may try to paint the fish picture at some point in time.

Just ate a raspberry croissanty thing from Essential Bakery which probably negated the need for lunch. Have plans to strategize over the Weight Watchers with motomotoyama after work today, over happy hour at Beso del Sol, of course.
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Sea dragon

Paper boat

If I get to the Hiroshima commemoration early enough, I want to make a little paper boat that says this:

(That means, "Miss you, Mom.")
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Sea dragon

Quiet night at home - hard to believe

Worthy Opponent met me at work at 5:45, where I was busy writing up the eight bugs I'd found during the day (Netscape 4.79 - a jackpot for sloppy coding). We left too late for happy hour - no one to meet anyway - so we went to Shanghai Garden for dinner immediately (I mean what the heck, it was only about $5 more than two drinks and a happy hour snack platter). The restaurant was JUMPIN' with people - I could only guess that it was all the people who hadn't been able to eat there while the baseball team was in town. I said during dinner that I'd kind of like to see Spy Kids 3-D, but Worthy Opponent pointed out that this was the only night we'd be at home for the next week. Oh well.

After dinner we did stuff like walking the dogs, dishes, a round of Hunters and Gatherers, the usual. WO has finished Goblet of Fire and is hard at work on Order of the Phoenix. I'm idly re-reading American Gods and wishing that somewhere out there was another book that I just couldn't put down. Any suggestions?

My dream last night of layoffs gave me the shivers today when I found out that Friday a whole pack of people at Q*** had their last day of work when the T-Mobile contract ended. Ick. I felt very lucky to have something that is supposed to go for two months and was glad they didn't just take my work away and give it to someone else. I hope they get some more contracts in soon.

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