August 8th, 2003

Sea dragon

Real update coming soon

I seriously think that just any old second now we're going to get the password that will let us really get to start testing this project, so I am not writing my entry about how cool kayaking was yesterday right now because I want to make sure I get all of my bugs from last week entered into the bug database we only got access to yesterday . I got WAY too caught up in Bridezilla yesterday and didn't get them all entered before I went home - er, kayaking - er, drinking before kayaking.
Sea dragon

Review of kayaking

First of all I am excited that I'm actually not going to be financially penalized for going to lunch this week. It's stupid but it impacts the pocketbook hard, and given that I've been on unemployment for, what, 10 weeks and this will be my first full paycheck since then I'm delighted, and looking for a lunch date.

Second, there's another article about Friendster in the mainstream media today. Today's article can be found in the Seattle Times.

On to the kayaking ...Collapse )

I still feel very enthused and I'm starting to make plans to get my own kayak, which will also require finding a way to transport it. Realistically, I don't think I'd kayak much in the winter, so from now until the "end of the season" I'm guessing I'd get maybe two or three trips in, which wouldn't make a purchase right now worth my time. But next spring I could get the kayak (or during the winter when people are desperate to offload them), and maybe look into a summer purchase of the VW Eurovan camper edition, which would get a lot more use when the weather is good and I'd be able to go on roadtrips. Yosemite, here I come!
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Sea dragon

Sack o' bricks

The project hit this afternoon at 1 PM like a sack of bricks falling from the sky. I tested my ass off, and just ad-hoc-ing I found 15 issues. We're a grand total of 3% done at day 8 of 35. I see the next two months flying by.

Now I'm going to go to the Grand Central Bakery to wait for Worthy Opponent and buy some bread for food and gaming at Cathy's Styling Lakeside Palace. Tomorrow evening (after kayak class in the AM) we're going to see the 6:30 movie at the Grand Illusion (They Drive By Night). Sunday PM I'm hoping to hit Sorry Charlies again after our full day of kayaking. We'll see!
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