August 16th, 2003

Sea dragon

Saturday not for the record books

I've spent a good two or three hours cleaning right now, although there isn't too much to show for it. Well, the kitchen looks good, but there's still a lot to do elsewhere. I also need to leave for a while and do errands prior to the party tonight, and it's very important that I walk the dogs before anyone comes over. I had a hard time getting motivated to get out of bed this morning: I wonder why?

I'm still waiting for shadowdaddy to call me. It's been two days since he talked to me! What, doesn't he miss me? I actually talked to his mom for about half an hour while I was doing the dishes.

Catan was pretty fun last night but we got too much of a late start and wound up calling it done at about 12:15, declaring Chris the winner. I borrowed his Puerto Rico so conceptually I'm ready for tonight, and I'm definitely ready for Sunday.