August 17th, 2003

Sea dragon

While my something gently weeps - perhaps my wallet?

Post party and I've got to say the house, at least the downstairs, is a sight improved over what it was last week. Eight people were here, including me, and since it was muggy inside we all sat out in the backyard (this must have helped keep the house clean). Bro and FSIL played Pirateer with Nick and Dave, while Cathy, Janna, Deb and I played Catan (I wanted to play Puerto Rico but Janna wanted to learn Catan, which she mastered quickly). Nick took over for Deb when she and the other table left to see the Asylum Street Spankers, and he did quite well. Unsurprisingly we wound up playing with candles on the table, as it became impossible to either see the cards or move the table inside (due to the width of the door and the frippety nature of the game board), but we finally managed to get the table moved over to the downstairs porch light and finish the game there. I won (yay!), but overall it was just a good game because we weren't struggling for resources the whole time.

Just before the crowd arrived, I got a phone call from runningnekkid inviting me to come with her and her sister to do Hawaiian Karaoke (at the Kona Kitchen) and I was so pleased that she called I couldn't help but say yes. So as the party wrapped at around 10:30, I got ready to go singing up north. (Details are available at karaokeposse.) Collapse )

Kona Kitchen left me pumped, and I headed out to the Mercury for some dancing. To my surprise, this meant I was heading out at 1:30 AM to go out MORE, and I only wound up heading home at 3 AM! So much for going to the pirate party ...
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Sea dragon

Killing the day

Man, it's a sad thing when you realize you're just starting to have breakfast at 1 PM. I had this really disturbing dream in which my white dog's PAW fell off (she had - somehow - cut it really badly, and when I gave it a little tug the whole thing came off), and I was calling the emergency vet and my husband in a panic - mostly because it was clear that the paw couldn't be reattached and partially because the vet said it would be $3000 minimum to take it to the veterinarian micro surgeon. Anyway, bad, bad dream, but it did convince me that it was a good time to stop sleeping. I made a pesto-egg crumpet, just like at the Crumpet Shop, and ate it outside because by golly it was late enough that the backyard had warmed up. It was quite pleasant, sitting under the maple tree, eating my breakfast, sipping my tea, and reading the newspaper. I feel fully fortified for my trip to Cathy's for swimming and Puerto Rico, just as soon as I go to the pharmacy - and put in my contact lenses and brush my teeth, for I am running very late today.

Oh yeah, last night at the Mercury someone recognized me from Sorry Charlies. Pretty funny, huh? He said that they're still going to close the place down. I'm thinking of taking my sister there next Friday.