August 19th, 2003

Sea dragon

Not that Hawaiian rum drinks aren't a preferable way to kill time

I decided last night to forego the outstanding happy hour at Ohana in favor of an early dinner at Thai Tom and folding laundry. Well, at least I got dinner. I was wiped (I think from how boring my day was at work, we really need to get some new code for this project) and couldn't really focus once I got home, other than trying to come up with a particularly witty comment in ciphergoth's journal and telling booktards about the amazing free online classes at MIT. (I also got lost looking for more kayaking opportunities - there's places that do trips in both Port Townsend and Port Angeles. So many options!) So laundry still awaits tonight. I feel good about the condition my house will be in when my sister arrives, though.

FYI: the "interview" went fine. It was just a phone screen, really, so there wasn't much to report. She couldn't even answer my questions about what kinds of skills they were really looking for, since of the seven, all of them were just "desirable" and none required. I should hear back from them by the end of the week, though. How nice it would be to be working downtown and to know that I had a STEADY job!
Sea dragon

I wish I was wearing a tank top

At 3:51, temperature in the Easy Bake Office is at 85 degrees! Charming!

At least we got a bunch of new code and I'm busier than a crazed weasel. Of 14 bugs to verify, three weren't fixed and I found eight new bugs without even trying! I'm sucking down the iced tea and typing like mad to make sure the on-site project manager doesn't steal any more of my good issues. (She already wrote two bugs up that I had entered last week. Sheesh, doesn't anyone bother to read through the list of existing issues?)