August 20th, 2003

Sea dragon

QE2 at RPlace

We went to see Queer Eye at R Place again with motomotoyama, miss_villanelle and Rebecca. It wasn't as funny as last week's but I actually got kind of teary eyed watching the straight guy get all goopy with his girlfriend.

I forgot that my sister was going to be here pretty much all day Monday, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with her that day while still getting to the airport at 3 PM. Meanwhile I've been staying late at work and skipping lunch every day this week so I can leave at 11 on Friday and not have a huge dent in my paycheck. Thank goodness for Essential Bakery (and today's almond brioche)! They give me something worthwhile to do in the 15 minute coffee break I allot myself daily.

My other coworker Aaron (a test lead like me) said he's looking seriously for other work, too, and agrees with me that Q***'s plan (announced at last week's staff meeting) to have people come in for FREE to get training on how to do stuff the Q*** way is bollocks. Work training is paid training, that's all there is to it. I do really hope I get called back to IDX.

Tonight in addition to laundry it looks like we're going to go look at refrigerators. The one in the kitchen is crapping out - milk spoiling 4 days before the grocery store's pull date, ice cream never getting hard - and I want to get it replaced before we're forced to run to the store and get a bunch of styrofoam coolers to keep our chow in.
Sea dragon

And the upstairs still isn't clean

Took a tip from Penelope Corcoran and went to the Sichuan Chinese Restaurant ("Old Szechuan" if you can read Chinese) for dinner tonight. We went for the spicy beef chow mein and lamb steak Szechuan style. Both were spicy, each deliciously different from the other. The noodles tasted fresh and were coated with chili pepper flakes; the lamb had a slight barbeque searing thing going on that made it great. We were very tempted to order the "ants on tree" (ground pork with rice and scallions "which are the leaves of the tree") and pork with HaRoBeNo pepper (say it once and think about it), but we'll just have to go back and try again later.

What was terrible though is how wonderfully sunny it was, and I am feeling the pangs of summer coming to an end, so I think I need to be getting out and doing things; but there is so much work to be done with cleaning the house I knew I shouldn't go out. And I'm kind of thinking I should have made more of an effort on Sunday, and I should make more of an effort tonight, but I'm tired of it all and thinking that a bowl of ice cream would be the way to go right now.

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