August 22nd, 2003

Sea dragon

Home free (of money)

I'm home today, jiggety-jig, and I'm feeling irritated at the lack of effort my friends are putting into updating their blogs. C'mon, folks! I'll be back to reading Molly's blog if you keep this up. (Not that she's not fun to read.) The house looks pretty good, from "pigsty, possible college student abode" to "messy, these people probably have three children and this is the best they can do." Downstairs almost qualifies as sparkly if you're willing to ignore the permanent stains in the kitchen floor, and upstairs looks - grungy and pitlike, but vacuumed, and it's sad that this is such an improvement over before. I'm walking from room to room, picking up little bits here and there (Mr. M., is that really a tape measure you left next to the computer?), trying to get that final polish together before my sister arrives. It's funny how when I originally invited her I was hoping for some company to give meaning to my unemployed days, and voila, I'm having unemployed days all over again.

Ooh, look, the water is boiling. Time for tea!
Sea dragon

Day one, sister's visit

Well, the dinner went well - except we'd had so much to eat earlier in the day it was a little hard to find room. We were talking about managing relationshiops, and I was surprised ot hear her say that the one person she'd never been able to figure out was mom - what her motivations were, and how it was she could hit bottom and just sit there. We both agreed that people who thought that "tough love" would work because people would always pick up once they hit bottom were fooling themselves - sometimes it didn't work. That was all pretty hard talking. We came back home to get some warmer clothes before we went out to Jazz Alley. Too bad Karrin Allison isn't playing like last week, but I hope we have a good night anyway.