August 23rd, 2003

Sea dragon

Day two, sister's visit

Day two was pretty much a success, although we did have a little problem in the evening (just a speedbump). We had a nice lazy breakfast, then went to Sears to order a new fridge (which will show up in about two weeks). Lunch at Top Gun was outstanding. sallysimpleton was there with T., Chris and Maurie showed up, Nick came sans Janna, and the ever lovely dagmar_b and miss_villanelle rounded us out for a total of ten. After plate after plate of food came by - steamed shrimp and spinach potstickers, beef in rice noodle, pork ham bow, potstickers, candied pork spare ribs, pork chow mein, chinese broccoli, congee, etc., etc. (with of course custard tarts, plus mango pudding and the coconut jello stuff I've always wanted to try) - our grand total was less than $9 per person (after tax but before tip), an incredible deal.

Afterwards the group split up, and the three of us wandered around the International District, finally getting on the bus tunnel and going to the library (to get sheet music for tomorrow's trip to Sorry Charlie's) and the Bon Marche (to get a belated birthday present for my sister). We were too full for dinner and decided to not eat before we went to see "Action Movie: The Play", but given that they had cancelled the show for a private event at ConWorks we might have well have eaten instead. We rallied and wound up at Volunteer Park for the Childish Film Festival, but got distracted by the incredible sunset and just the general loveliness of everything, from the replanted pond/fountains to the dahlia beds to the pomeranian puppy to the view from the water tower. We finally gave up on the moview (it was too cold for Amber to be outside anyway) and decided to go to Victrola and play Puerto Rico. Amber almost won, too - the final score was a tie between her and worthy opponent (settled by money in his favor).

Tomorrow morning we'll be having huevos rancheros estilo Alburquerque - the chorizo is in the fridge and the green chiles are thawing! Mmmmm ....