August 29th, 2003

Sea dragon

Still thinking about the crazy woman who attacked me

In keeping with the "week of no sleep," I had a hard time getting to sleep last night and was up at about 6 AM this morning. My heart was pounding far too hard for me to sleep - clearly, still riding an adrenaline rush from the attack at the park (although I was hoping the game of Puerto Rico I played at Stephanie's last night would have distracted me sufficiently to allow me to forget about it - or the book I was reading last night, Kushiel's Dart, sort of absorbing along the Wraethu/Interview with the Vampire mode - but as soon as the distractions stopped the bad movie started playing over in my head).

So in between fantasies about how I should have knocked her down and pounded on her instead of just blocking her blows with my arms and my knees, I was wondering if she was going to be back at the park and go ballistic on me (or her husband). I really don't like the idea of being worried about going back to my favorite park. (It was so depressing to creep into my house after I left the cops behind yesterday - afraid that the crazy woman or her husband would see me walking in my door and come after me later.)

And of course I've been stewing over her parting remarks about "you people moved into the neighborhood and now you think you own it" and what her husband was saying to their two little kids as mom was loaded into the cop car (after saying stuff to the cops that would have resulted in, I think, some bruises had she said them in Arizona): "You see? That is what the white man's policeman does. He throws your mother around, then he takes her away from you." They were too young to really remember what he was saying - I'm sure he was just saying it to get at the cops - but between the two of them the degree of white hatred they emanated, and were doing their best to pass along to their kids, was just stunningly disturbing. I feel like I was raised to be color blind. How did things change so much, and when did it happen? Any why do these folks say "it's about color" instead of reflecting on their own behavior? And why did this woman think I was a "you people" when she looked like a "me people" except for the fact she was psycho? Was it economic, or was it because I wasn't a member of whatever religion she belonged to?
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Sea dragon

Hee hee! Ho ho!

I'm getting called back to Tripadelic, yippy skippy! And the guy who interviewed me said ...

"I really enjoyed your immense creative energy while still carefully listening to my thoughts or instructions on your test question."

Hee hee hee ho ho ho ho hoo HAH!

In other news, my scrape from Psycho Bitch still hurts, and my forearms are all achy from blocking her blows. If only I had done the DOA2 backflip roundhouse kick!
Sea dragon

Plans for tomorrow

I know now why my "secret" tip to eat at Seven Stars Pepper seemed like one that was already out of the bag ... it was! Penelope had told the world that very day. No wonder there were so many Caucasians there. But there was a super-nice view, so it was no loss to go.

We're going to go kayaking the Dungeness Spit at 11ish tomorrow (requiring an 8 AM boat ride). Worthy Opponent is getting food together for us right now. I'm getting distracted by all of this information I found on Storm Constantine online, which leads to this:

  • My #2 result for the selector, Wraeththu selector, is Ashmael