September 1st, 2003

Sea dragon

Labor day slowness

We were late at Sorry Charlie's last night, I was late up and late to breakfast. We just got back from Home Depot (where we rented a sander for the floors) and finished up the lunch we brought from Kau Kau barbeque (me duck, him pig). So it's on with the refinishing project, up to our eyeballs in furniture in the living room and tripping over dogs in the back. Such excitement!
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    "Mellow Yellow" - sung by Donovan himself at Sorry Charlie's
Sea dragon

The last night at the Old Sorry Charlie's

At least that's what it will be known as - last night it was just Sorry Charlie's, and Howard's last night at the four-nights-a-week piano man. The house and the bar were packed to the rafters, although thankfully most of the Bumbershooters stayed in the bar and didn't try to get in rotation. All of the regulars were there - the opera guy, the fat guy with the stringy gray hair, Joy (the sleek slim older woman with short grey hair and a penchant for singing french songs), Ruby (the black lady who plays piano and is, I think, married to a white guy), and many more, elbow to elbow in the tables, all getting up for three song sets.

When I sat down at Howard he acted pleased to see me, and when I told him I had a new song, to my pleasure he knew it ("'Dance 10, Looks 3' from Chorusline." "Oh, 'Tits and Ass.' I'll play it when it's your turn to sing.") So not only did I get to do it in a key I knew, at long last I had the pleasure of having "my" song that Howard played to call me up from the audience. Hurray! Although I had tons of music to pull from, with Howard picking my first song, I had to juggle my set, so I went with "Goody Goody" as a sort of "intra-song" and then polished it off with "When You're Good To Mama" because it was such a rip-roarin' crowd pleaser (plus motomotoyama was there and I wanted her to see it get the Sorry Charlie's treatment). I changed the last chorus in honor of the night ("'Cause when you're good to Howard ... Howard's .... good .... to .... youuuuuuu! Yeah!"), and it went over like ice cream in Wichita. I left on a good high and had several of the real regulars (the Blue Velvet over-70 drinking-and-smoking set) congratulate me on my performance, which just added to the buzz. Alas, I didn't get to sing with miss_villanelle's Greg (we were discussing "Two Ladies," with perhaps the late arriving shadowdaddy playing the part of the second girl), but Greg did get to sing himself. We were there until 1:30, "boozing, and having some laughs" (to quote Velma), but finally broke it up since there was just no way for anyone else to get up there. It was a great, great night and a good way to close out the place - on a big up.
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