September 2nd, 2003

Sea dragon

This is hopeless

Something bad happened but I don't want to write about it here, or email about it. If you need to know, call me on the phone at home tonight. I am in no way injured nor my house nor my pets nor anything like that. I am going to work hard today and not think about it and hope my Fast Lane extra-caffeinated tea keeps me going through the day. Of course, I lost sleep last night because of reading that damned Kushiel's Dart last night at midnight, and not anything else, not even the dream where I was getting hot and heavy with Tom Cruise.
Sea dragon

Doubletalk experts

I'm not sure what's going on tonight, if I'm going to go out or just stay home. I need to call my sister and talk about stuff. I'm working with a lot of focus today, but just detoured and say this article on California Craziness as reported in the New York Times...

Mr. Schwarzenegger made an appearance at the California State Fair and Exposition near Sacramento, where he also lauded the accomplishments of California's workers, but insisted he would not accept money from their unions. "I will never take money from the special interests, from Indian gaming, from unions or anything like that," he said.

Mr. Schwarzenegger has reneged on early campaign promises not to accept campaign contributions from anyone. State disclosures show he has collected more than $1 million from companies and individuals with business before the state. "I get donations from businesses and individuals absolutely, because they're powerful interests who control things," he said today.

He declined to explain the difference between special interests and powerful interests.