September 3rd, 2003


It feels like a conspiracy

I didn't hear back from any of my relatives last night, neither my aunt nor my sister nor anyone else (my cousin has only ever called me to ask for money, and even then just the once, so I guess it's not a surprise). I have no idea when I'm supposed to be going to Arizona, and I can just see the cost of airplane tickets going up by $200 a day. I feel like this is one of those freaky bitchy things my aunt does to punish me for not being ... whatever it is, involved enough, in this case, not broken up enough when she called, like when she didn't invite me to her wedding AT ALL and I only found out about it months later. I don't even know if Grandma was in the hospital or where it all happened. They could be in Show Low or in Globe and I just don't know. What am I supposed to do? I need to make reservations and get someone in to cover for me at work. Worthy Opponent can't go with me because we're babysitting two more dogs for the next week. Does my aunt just not want me to come at all? I can't figure out what's going on. I know it sounds paranoid but almost every time I've been "paranoid" I've been 100% right.

In dog news, the chihuahua (Mimi) is coming out of her kennel to visit me all of the time, and the puppy (Izzy) is getting much better at going up and down the stairs (to go outside to go potty), and I suspect he's overcome the fear thing about crossing the cement porch to go back inside the back door. However, now that we have four dogs and my old cat is confined to the giant spare dog kennel due to the floor refinishing, taking care of the animals has become a massive task. The two sets of dogs have to be taken outdoors separately, and the puppy needs to go out frequently, so it's just a never ending set of trips in and out plus trying to find a way to make sure all four of them and the old cat get some quality time with humans. (And for the old cat, either she's peeing on the floor of the box or she keeps knocking against her water dish, but either way I'm mopping up the floor of the kennel every day. God!) But with luck the four dogs will be interacting positively with each other soon. I still haven't figured out how the right way is to give Mimi attention - she doesn't seem to want to be picked up and doesn't get into head scratches like I'd think she would. The puppy gets so damn submissive when I pet him I feel like I'm punishing him. A week without food treats will be good for both of them, I think.
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Kind of early to be turning in

I'm feeling exhausted and even at 4 PM the doctor was out, so I'm heading upstairs now, wondering if maybe I wouldn't have called Grandpa and told him I wasn't going to go to the funeral if I wasn't so worn out. Am I going to regret this? My inclination right now is Reduce All Stress and the amount of money it would cost to fly to Phoenix right now bothers me more than I wish it did.

In other news, Tripadelic wants me to come back, which I'll do the week after the wedding (they of course wanted me on the day before, which is already full of activities). I also got a letter from the city attorney's office about the crazy bitch who attacked me. I have to call them or they'll drop charges. Looks like that will be happening before I go into work tomorrow, too.

Tomorrow, Art Walk (and then writeup for Tablet), Saturday, varnishing and the Koi show. And daily, it's clean up after the little dogs and the old cat. My life is a comedy of animal feces - I could be a hit teen movie!
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