September 4th, 2003

Sea dragon

Flowers for tomorrow

I ordered a nice standing spray of flowers for the funeral from "Rainbow Florist" in Globe, Arizona just now (good old Google even beat out on this one). Collapse )

In other news, I got an interview planned at Tripadelic for the Wednesday after my brother's wedding. It's kind of funny, he wanted to know where they were hiring black box testers these days, since he couldn't find any listings at the Borg - just SDETs. (Yeah, tell me about it.) I really hope this comes through - it's way more exciting than IDX even if it's on the wrong side of the lake.

This Sunday is Ukelooza at ReBar. It's going to be great! I hope I can get a good crowd to go with me.
Sea dragon

Dying in the Easy Bake office

It's 86º in the Easy Bake office right now, which sucks when you consider that according to the PI it's only 82º outside. Bleah. I feel like an immigrant in a shipping container in here. Of course, I'm supposed to feel lucky because there's 10 other people with no work at all. It's been a quiet day, which is why I've spent time looking for my Halloween costume, Roxie Hart from Chicago. No real winners. And I feel like I've got a cold coming on - congestion in my head and throat. Great! Tonight we're supposed to get a new build, but since it's not going to come until 6 PM I want to head out early and go to the Art Walk.